A Safe Haven

B&B, Cabin, and Vacation Homes

in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta


Perfume and Chemical Free Accommodations

All Rates are Double Occupancy (except for the B&B single room) and GST (5%) is not included.


 QUEEN ROOMS         $_110.00_(CDN)  

Extra Guest(in the Queen) @ $25.00/night

SINGLE ROOM $              $92.50 (CDN)                      B&B guests who do not pre-book may not receive breakfast, and if this happens a discount will be applied at our discretion.


$130.00 (CDN)  (_______)      

Extra Guests @ $25.00/pp/night (__________) 

Weekly rate  $750.00 (CDN)   

 Extra Guests @ $150.00/pp/wk  (__________) 

MOUNTAIN MOMENTS  2 Night Minimum  $150.00 (CDN)     (________)    

 Extra Guests @ $25/pp/night (__________) 

Weekly rate  $850.00 (CDN) (___________)

Extra Guests @ $150.00/pp/wk  (__________) 

VALLEY VIEW 2 Night Minimum

$175.00 (CDN)  (_________)     

 Extra Guests @ $25/pp/night (__________) 

Weekly Rate $1,000.00 (CDN) (______)    

 Extra Guests # @ $150.00/pp/wk  (_________)


Dog charge for The Family Unit and Mountain Moments $35.00/dog per week (no minimum)


 Bed ad Breakfast Contract 

Perfume/Cologne Policy

We respectfully request that guests refrain 

from using perfumed products. Alannah and 

many of our guests who are very sensitive 

to these products, and can become ill if exposed to

them. These smells are difficult to remove from 

mattresses, drapes and furnishings. 

We respectfully ask that if perfumed products are 

used, that they are applied after leaving the house.


No Smoking Policy:

We do not allow smoking inside our B&B.

Smoking outside only, with proper extinguishing 

of cigarette/cigar butts into the provided container

by the back door.  Cleaning up cigarette butts is 

$40.00/hr with a minimum one hour charge.

Pet Policy:

We do not allow pets in the B&B or Valley View 

and there is an additional dog charge for 

The Family Unit and Mountain Moments.   

Ask about trained, personal assistant dogs.

Good Neighbour Policy:

Guests are asked to remember that this home is in

a small town and we value our good relationship 

with our neighbours. Guests are asked to refrain 

from any acts that interfere with the neighbours’ 

rights to quiet enjoyment of their properties..

Occupancy Limit:

Overnight guests are limited to the persons and

animals listed on the rental agreement. Guests are 

not permitted after 11.00 pm out of respect or other

guests/neighbours. Any one on the property after

midnight, unless they are registered guests, will be

deemed to be trespassing and treated as such

Failure to respect our policies may result in 

immediate eviction and loss of rental fees 

Cleaning Long Term Rentals

Our staff will clean the house once a week, and 

replace linens as needed.  We ask that you use the

products that we provide for any additional 



Last but not least, ENJOY YOUR STAY



E-mail to mountainmoments@asafehaven.ca

Guest Information:

Guest Contact Name: ________________________________

Address: __________________________________________ 


Post/Mail/Zip Code_____________________

E-mail: ____________________________

Phone No.:_________________________

Names of Guests: ages of children under 14. Add extra 

guests on a seperate sheet.

1. ______________________ age______          

2. ______________________ age______          

3. ______________________ age______         

4. _______________________ age_____ 

I/we _____________________________ represent, warrant, acknowledge and agree with the Owners that I/we (and 

our party) will use the Vacation Homes and the B&B and

The Family Unit, it’s contents, property, and facilities in 

accordance with the Terms and Conditions as outlined in 

the Agreement. I agree to accept responsibility for any 

damages or losses of house contents or outdoors 

equipment that has been incurred through renter 

negligence or through negligence of any guests. I/we 

agree to indemnify and save the Owner from any 

personal injury, sickness or death, loss or damage, 

however caused, to person or property of the Client, 

his/her respective family, and/or guests, during or after 

the time of occupancy. Additionally, I/we accept full 

responsibility for the use of the house/property and any 

and all recreational equipment and agree to pay for any 

repairs or replacement of the fore mentioned Vacation 

Homes and B&B, and equipment beyond normal wear 

and tear. Normal wear and tear does not include wall

and trim washing/painting, stains to furniture, drapes 

and bed and bath linens. Damage to the walls, furniture, 

appliances, and bed, furniture and floor coverings, 

including hard wood, carpet, vinyl, cork and floor and 

wall tile. Damage to the exterior the property, and 

landscaping will be charged for replacement trees/shrubs 

andplants. Any cleaning to the property will be charged 

at $50.00/hr with a one hour minimum.

I further understand additional cleaning will be charged

at $50.00/hr with a minimum of one hour if we check out after 10.30, 

unless prior arrangements have been made

Smoking Guests/Visitors.. Smoking on our property will 

result in an automatic $250.00 penalty plus any additional 

costs to return the property’s original state. Cleaning of 

any cigarette butts tossed on to the property will be billed 

at $50.00/hr with a one hour minimum and $75.00/hr 

minimum during sub zero weather.

Perfume Policy: The use of perfumed products, including

cologne is prohibited. Guest who use these products may 

be asked to leave our property and are responsible for 

the costs of all the days of their reservations.

SIGNATURE(s): ____________________________________

DATE: __________________________

Credit card information   Type:  Visa / MasterCard   

Name on the card___________________________________

Card number________________________________ 

Exp. Date______________

e-mail address of the card holder______________________

The rates are subject to change without notice and are not

set until the contract has been received by 

Mountain Moments and the deposit deducted from your

credit card.

Ask for weekly and monthly rates

•  Prices do not include GST
•  Prices subject to change
•  We accept  DD, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVERY AND DINERS CARD                         

Monthly rates available on request for all our properties, A Safe Haven B&B, 

The Family Unit, Mountain Moments, and Valley View.

All our properties are within close proximity to each other